Once again I am reminded of how blessed I am to be who I am.

How so?

Well, Lori has been at my side since I fell ill. She dropped everything and brought me to the Emergency Room. I feel her prompt action saved me. I've had my hand held and hair "scratched through" when that was the only comfort she could give.

The emergency room staff are of the highest caliber. They worked fast, fast, fast to ease my suffering and find solutions to my affliction.

My children have called and texted and--threatened to visit! From Emily and Emi, Tyler and Kathryn, to Lyle and Eric, they have all kept calling.

My parents and in-laws have been asking after me.

My congregation has been praying for me, and I continue to report that I feel your prayers. I was feeling really, really low this morning when I considered your prayers for me and realized I felt them.

About three seconds later Dr. Hoelscher came around the corner. He asked after me and I told him I was feeling low and a little scared about maybe needing more surgery. He patted me, listened to my tummy, and told me my surgeon would make the call, but added his words to those of others who were listening to my insides these past few days, saying: you sound like you're making progress. I felt better. Now and again the Lord sends a messenger my way.

My surgeon, Dr. Kliefoth was fantastic. He guided me along my journey toward recovery. He was thoughtful calm and caring. I am thankful for him.

Our staff took care of worship and more. I am appreciative!

The foodies gave me chicken noodle instead of tomato soup when asked. Every surgeon, physician, nurse, tech, x-ray tech, food tech and more have really looked after me.

It is a blessing to be Christian. It is a blessing to have known such Christly kindness when I've known such need. I feel blessed to be who I am because of the many living and breathing blessings around me.

Pastor Jerry

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