Summer's Busy Days

Summer's Busy Days

Well, things are moving fast at Evangelical.

Please be sure to join us for a celebration of Barb Jutting's service as principal of our Evangelical schools. Barb has been a transformational presence these past eight years, so there is much to celebrate. The celebration begins at 11:00am. Of course, we will give thanks for Barb during worship, too.

We've just elected a new consistory. The following leaders are currently serving:

President:  Mike Gargac
Vice President:  Diane Steele
Secretary:  Brian Hogue
Treasurer: Jeff Heintz

Elders:  Tom Doyle, Julie Hinesman, Carol Fritz, Sandy Olive, Brian Hogue, Julie Ziino

Deacons:  Marietta Bear, Diane Steele, Missy Chapman, Mike Gargac, Robert Bode, Chris Nicholson

Trustees:   Ray Graves, Jeff Heintz, Gordon Dabbs, Eric Thurston, Linda Mortland, Tom Brown

We will install our new consistory June 30, during worship. We will also ordain our new elders, Tom Doyle and Carol Fritz. It will be a time of blessing.

There's a new photo directory on the way! I cannot thank our team of leaders, brought into being by Emily Hejna. Also leading are Shari Lenhardt and Julie Ziino. They have been very busy. I feel worn out just reading the communications coming my way. I really appreciate their hard work.

Included in this newsletter is your copy of the most recent corrected and approved consistory minutes. I'm hoping this will keep interested folks current on consistory happenings.

Also, don't forget all the exterior doors now have new locks, you will not be able to gain access to the building with your old keys.  If you need a new key contact the church office at 466-6077. 

It is hot and humid outdoors, so come in and cool off during worship at 10 a.m. On Sunday mornings. Do not neglect worship of God during these busy summer days.

Pastor MeCaskey

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