Why does evil exist?

Why are so many people so ready to do things that are evil?

Why does God allow evil in our world?

When people refuse to do good, does their lack of doing good create
more evil in the world?

Is evil supernatural?

Our new selection for Book Club is "Why?", by Adam Hamilton.  The book is 96 pages in length.  Hamilton is a pastor, so the book is written in such a way that readers will not have trouble understanding an issue deep as understanding God's will.

I'm reading the book while traveling so I can answer questions church members considering reading the book may have.

Personally, I've so many ideas about the will of God running loose in my head that I welcome this opportunity to bounce them off Hamilton's ideas in his book.  I am also looking forward to the conversation book club attenders will share when we meet to discuss the book.

There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex for those who want to read this book.  Please indicate on the sheet whether or not you would like for us to order you a copy.  Of course, the book is available for download by way of Amazon.  Cost of the book if we order it for you is $11.00.

I am hoping you will join me and other congregants in our exploration of God's will.

Pastor MeCaskey

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