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  • Emily C. Heath Jesus could have said anything at the last supper. He could have told his friends to avenge his death. He could have raged about the unfairness of life. Instead he said, "Love one another."

  • Jennifer Brownell More and more, we live in front of cameras and screens, surrounded as much by the witness of the cloud as a cloud of witnesses. How do we live when Jesus is your only witness?

  • John A. Nelson The-One-Who-Enlarges takes on those who would make God small. The Creator-Who-Is-Still-Shaping-Me defies those who think in terms of caste or tribe.

  • Talitha Arnold Perhaps Jesus could love because Mary had loved him. She anointed his feet; he washed the disciples'. She poured out her love in a costly perfume. He did the same for the whole world.

  • Vicki Kemper Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Sometimes it is easier to be donkey than disciple.

  • Vince Amlin God, give me the eyes of a child to see the richness of my life. And keep the party going.

  • Matt LaneyYou know grief and loss. You've been hurt a thousand times. As impossible as it might feel, trust that blessing is already embracing your anguish and that God will indeed turn the page.

  • Lillian Daniel We bear a lot of pain in the name of love. As Christians, we do that for one another, in order to remember that God is doing it for us.

  • Molly Baskette We are all lifelong learners, Jesus says, and there's only one Teacher. So if you think you're wise, get over yourself.

  • Tony Robinson When our plans and predictions go bust and our expectations aren't fulfilled, God is still God.

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