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  • Emily C. Heath In the part of New Hampshire where I live, fall is unfolding, with all of its New England charm.

  • John A. Nelson Perhaps you have run into the tension between a literal and a non-literal reading of scripture.

  • Talitha Arnold Chapter 15 of Genesis tells an odd story. It also tells the truth. 

  • Quinn G. Caldwell I bet you've seen their picture.

  • Kaji Douša I watched him lead worship. 

  • Maren C. Tirabassi Jacob ran, scared to death of his brother Esau who was … huge.

  • Donna Schaper There is an annual lighting of the Catskill Mountain Fire Towers, usually early in the fall.

  • Matt Laney Have you ever noticed that the Bible is called "the Word of God" (capital "W," singular) instead of the words of God (lower case "w", plural)?

  • Valerie Bridgeman Rage-fatigue and compassion-fatigue plague people committed to justice based in the life, ministry, and calling of Jesus.

  • Mary Luti Adults overthink everything.

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