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  • Marcha√© Grair "Praying" has been a healing anthem for me as I struggle to define how or if I can forgive¬†those who have hurt me to my core.

  • Richard L. Floyd The received truth in our society is that the strong must prevail over the weak, and the rich must prevail over the poor.

  • Martha Spong There has been a lot of airtime given recently to whether particular words are allowable when critiquing public figures.

  • Kaji Dousa Have you decided whose fault it was yet?

  • Jennifer Brownell Between work and parenting and caring for a disabled husband, being the protagonist in my life story is sometimes tiring.

  • Mary Luti They didn't die in Maria's wind. They weren't swept away by waves. Lightening didn't shock them dead. They weren't ripped from life by falling trees and flying debris.

  • Vince Amlin My wife's doomsday plans always begin with the basement sinks.

  • Christina Villa One Sunday at a church I was visiting in New England, the time had come in the worship service for "Joys and Concerns."

  • Lillian Daniel At my own popularity peak, most of my friendships were not mutual but transactional, based on what I could do for other people.

  • John Edgerton King Amaziah had a stressful job.

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