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  • Tony Robinson One August day, when I was a young pastor, a group of people showed up at the church office demanding to know if I had been "born again."

  • Richard L. Floyd A pastor friend of mine is known to have told his congregation, "If there isn't somebody here who rubs you the wrong way you need to come around more often."

  • Martin B. Copenhaver "Shady is dead," my wife Karen said to me, with more concern than grief in her voice.

  • John A. Nelson Idolatry is bad: soul-killingly bad.

  • Kaji Douša The idea of Jesus sleeping seems…bizarre.

  • Traci Blackmon Whenever I read the gospel accounts of how Jesus organized The Discipleship Movement I am reminded of how important it is to understand the roles of both leader and ally.

  • Matt Laney A woman's son committed suicide following decades of hard living that caused deep pain to himself and others.

  • Vince Amlin There are so many ways to get care wrong.

  • Molly BasketteThe YA fiction writer John Green redeemed nerdiness for us all.

  • Jennifer Brownell Sounds to me like you were Godsplained, Apollos.

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