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  • Molly Baskette God, I’m thirsty. I long for rest. Show me the way to Your water, and give me permission to stay there. Amen.

  • Phiwa Langeni What if the Body of Christ unapologetically cared for its mentally ill parts and its youthful parts and its kinky parts and its rural parts and its non-binary parts?

  • Chris Davies We're intimately connected, one to the other, and God is the energetic thread of love that binds us together.

  • Quinn G. Caldwell Glory isn’t itself unless you’re giving it away. Give it to God, and the whole world will blossom with beauty.

  • Mary Luti Find the work that is seeking you. Find it, step out in trust, and do it.

  • Vince AmlinIn the UCC Pension Boards' Next Generation Leadership Initiative, I was taught to listen past the specific content of criticism to its relational context.

  • Rachel Hackenberg Sure, maybe it's a poem about God.

  • Kaji DoušaYour pastor probably doesn't think they're so good at raising money.   

  • Dawson Taylor I will never forget sitting in front of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

  • Donna SchaperA lot of people get a glossy look in our eyes when we say, "I really want to do more traveling."

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